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It’s not easy being green

I’m  green, working hard to learn what all I need to do in order to get volunteers for the Greenfield Festival in five weeks.  I’m using last years roster to start with, but there isn’t much time.

Meanwhile, there are other things to take care of through AmeriCorps.

It’s all good. I’m enjoying it. I especially enjoy all the young folks I work with. I’m the oldest, of course, but that’s nothing new. I’m almost always older than everyone. I didn’t really feel older than anyone until recently, when my knees started to remind me. Guess I’m lucky they are aging before my brain does.

‘gotta do all I can to keep the brain in gear.


Little things and great big beds mean a lot

I’m no longer on a rollaway bed. I bought a queen size firm mattress, box set and had it all set up for tonight. The gentleman who sold it to me said the driver wouldn’t be working any more this day, so he brought it to me and installed it himself.

Now just a little dresser and a night stand and I’ll be good.

Americorps folks have had several training sessions this week and one more on Friday, which is a tour.

Americorps is an interesting organization and I’m happy to be a part of it.
Tomorrow I go to the organization called First Night Monterey. That title is self explanatory, but this agency does more than organize the first night of the year. It  also organizes the annual fiesta in the town of Greenfield, and my job will be to get lots and lots of volunteers to help out at the many stations, that will be set up on the main street.

I can see how volunteerism can hold communities together.

Interesting work I got myself into

It’s coming along; lots to do, but I’m getting informed about my job/s. Today I learned I would be helping to get the Greenfield Fiesta going with volunteers for the many venues: bands, vendors, arts and crafts, car show, pony rides, etc….

I’ll also be getting volunteers for art shows in Carmel and for the First Night Monterey, also an annual event.

I’m just so impressed with the two directors of both agencies, and I’m learning about how they are able to accomplish so much with a small staff and the use of volunteers.

I’m also learning much about how the Americorps agency works. I sat in on a training session today, and there will be more tomorrow.

Also…… I get to buy a bed tomorrow! Yeah! A bed!


First day on the job

It went well. The first day on the job, that is. I showed up ten minutes early, and everyone in the office got there about 15 minutes after 9.

Then at 3, they were all leaving. “Wait, I don’t have a key.”

“Just lock the door and leave.” One of the workers said.

So at 5 p.m.,  I  turned out the lights, locked the door, and that was it!

Everyone in the office – 5 of us – were quietly working. I read the complete website, read up on volunteering for the arts commission, and a lot of what the last person left behind. She had much of it very well organized.

I have one event coming up where I’ll need some volunteers for an art exhibit grand opening.

I like it…I feel it’s exactly what I was made to do.

Carmel is an interesting place…lovely shops with lovely things to buy that you don’t need.

I’m surprised how many pet shops there are with accessories for the  pooches and kitties. I think that comes from influence of Carmelite, Doris Day, the lady who loves dogs and is known for her rescue efforts.

Visiting with some rowdies

Yeah, they are a bit rowdy, noisy and really funny. They are my family: three sons, two daughter-in-laws, one grandson, his girl friend and another grandson.

We always have fun getting together and it was one of those days today. I introduced my roommate, Regina, to the group and she was easily accepted into the pack.

I showed my power point, Regina showed her youtube dance, Debby showed her dancing, also on youtube, Bobby hit two home runs on youtube, and we all had good food cooked by Sue.

Larry, Brad, Ronnie and Brandon entertained us with their humor.


Indoor home bowling alley

We’re getting settled a bit at a time and at the same time, trying to take care of ourselves in the day-to-day living.

Our living room looks like a carpeted bowling alley or a dance hall. It’s empty.

I am putting all of my energy and funds into the bedroom so I can at least have a good nights rest. The roll-away bed has been convenient, but it’s about time to roll-it away into storage.

In a few days, I’ll purchase a bed. I have a friend who’ll sell me a dresser and side table reasonably.

Then, Regina and I will get to work on the living room. Meanwhile, I start my job on Monday, and she has already been teaching for a week. I respect teachers’ so much. She has hundreds of students and therefore, hundreds of papers to grade.

She’ll go with me tomorrow to Sue and Larry’s house  (my son and daughter-in-law) to celebrate mine and my son, Ronnie’s birthday. My other son, Brad will be there and his wife and one son, I hope.

Regina becomes part of the family.

Almost forgot to add this:  I sold one of my photo/paintings!!!!

I must be in panty heaven

I have 39 pairs of panties. They sit  on a shelf in a coordinated rainbow of white, red, blue, black, zebra and lion stripes and orchids.

During my youth, we were not poor, nor were we rich. But I realized my parents had financial struggles, probably no different than other families. But I knew at an early age not to ask for anything.

So, my panties wore out. Once I walked downtown Denver with some friends. I was junior high age and wearing panties that  had lost it’s stretch in the elastic. I grabbed the panties through my skirt and hung on so they wouldn’t fall off.

The seat of my creativity was born when I  had to climb aboard a street car, put my money in the money box, and hang on to my panties at the same time.

It was about that time of my life that I believed only really rich women had lots of pretty panties. So my dream was if I got really rich, I would always  have lots of pretty panties that wouldn’t fall down.

When I left on my journey last year, I packed only two pairs of panties, and wore one, of course. But sometimes it wasn’t possible to wash them, and easier to purchase them…so I ended up with more pairs of panties when I returned. Then, the same thing happened….I haven’t always had a convenient way to wash my clothes, since I have returned, so I just purchased some more panties. That was easier.

Now that I’m in a condo, and got bags of stored clothing from storage,  I found a cache of panties, so now that makes 39 pairs all together.

I am finally rich!



Bucket list

I do not want the U.S. to get involved with Syria’s mess because Armageddon is not on my bucket list!!!

Besides that, we have gang wars in the U.S. that need our attention. So, it’s sad that over 400 children were victims of the attack on the people, but right here, more than 400

I found a way back from the journey and I’m home

Hello folks,

Regina and I have moved into a wonderful, clean condo on the campus of CSUMB. Regina no longer has to travel from Monterey to her job on the bus, because she is only a few steps away from a bus that takes her to the classroom.

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful roommate.  She is hard of hearing and read lips so well, it just amazes me. I’ve already learned a few signs in sign language.

Ronnie, my son, helped me get some ‘stuff’ from the storage unit. I no longer have furniture except for some antique pieces that will stay where they are.

I am sleeping on a roll away cot and it will do until payday which is toward the end of this week. We still have things to do, such as setting up wifi (I’m in Starbucks with a tall, regular cup with room.)

Our living room is empty, but day-by-day we’ll get it done.

I spent all yesterday morning with the Americorps folks signing a stack of papers, getting finger printing and meeting other Americorps workers and their providers. My provider is Paulette,  the head of the Monterey Art Commission.

Everything officially begins on Monday. I’m so excited!!! It’s been hectic coming back from my year journey, but it’s been accomplished.

I will always remember and use the swimmer from Cuba to Florida’s manta, “Find a Way”.

New life in eleven minutes

A new beginning is happening to me in eleven minutes. I’m drinking a mango pineapple smoothy in McDonalds  as I smoothly wait for the magic hour…noon.

I’ll be signing for the condo with my new roommate. It’s been hectic to say the least to get to this point and it is still just the beginning.

Guess my new bed will be on the floor unless I can figure something out today.

More news as the news is made.