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Having a great time at my son, Ronnie’s apartment

He’s a musician: his apartment is full of drums, percussion instruments, all kinds of flutes, guitar, trumpet, vibraphone….I’m playing trouble shooter with the neighbors. He must play his music.

We’re looking into a practice studio for him to rent a couple of times a month.

He must play his music…oh, I said that once!

San Francisco yesterday

Last night, in honor of Brandon, Aleida, Bradley’s birthday, and Aleida and Brad’s anniversary, I took them to dinner..their choice. Actually it was Brad who made the choice of a well-known vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco.

It was an excellent choice. The food and drinks were outstanding, delicious, and a crowd there enjoying the same. Right now I don’t know the name of the place, but if anyone wants to know I’ll get it for you. It is in a re developed area in a former industrial part of San Francisco. Now buildings have been turned into mini-apartments, that are believed to be perfect for students. I wouldn’t mind living there myself.

We then went to see the lights on the Bay Bridge. Some wealthy folks got together and put some lights up that move to simulate water. It’s beautiful to see and the night was clear so we took a walk closer to the bridge and along the water.

A lovely night. Today I’m heading to Santa Cruz for awhile. Maybe I’ll take a roller coaster ride.

Big challenge today

Today, I will put together the power point presentation, come hell or high water!

It’s getting closer to the time I need to tell people I’m ready to accept their invitations….

Half Moon Bay Review story has been published

Power point

Suzan (with a “z”) helped me get the power point up and running. I have some more work to do and then I’ll be ready for presentations about my year-long journey.

It wasn’t easy, in fact it took about three hours to install the power point, get it going, but now I’m no longer clueless, just inexperienced.

Choosing photos was a challenge, as there are so many good ones, but certainly don’t want to bore people. Remember the old days when friends would show you their home movies?

And now…after things get installed things change on the computer, so I have to get used to those changes.

Another Susan – with an “s” will sit by my side and give me some encouragement as well. On the 6th, I’ll be heading down to Santa Cruz and will stay with my son Ronnie for one week. Hopefully, I’ll get to the dentist soon. I have a tooth-ache.



Power up and point to the highlights

Hello all,

I’m in the process of producing a power point project of my journey so I can show it to organizations. I will have help beginning tomorrow and again next week.

The power point will consist of a few of the highlights of my journey and several photos. I’ll have comments to make in between. The presentation should take about 20 minutes, which is the average amount of time to gain the attention of an adult.

I can use your help. Do you have any favorite moments from my blog? Or do you have a memory of a photo that stood out.

You can answer here, or send me an email:

Thank you!