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Learning is never over

Just when I thought my education was over, I get involved with learning again. I’m going to sign up for a voice over class. Like nearly everything I have ever done, I do the thing first, and then get trained after I’ve already learned it.

I purchased a tape recorder and began to practice the scripts I have been given.

I need to produce about ten, 30 second commercials using various voice styles.

So I’ll be a bit prepared before I take the class.

I cut a commercial yesterday

I made a commercial yesterday to be aired on KRKC, in King  City, California.

It is for the shop, Nothing But Country. I had great coaching by Matthew Arnett, who will also help me produce a demo cd that I can use for other commercial opportunities.

Wish me luck…it may be a way I can earn some money in my later years. My voice hasn’t changed that much, and no one will care how old I am, let’s hope.

It was fun! I remember years ago when I worked for a few months in a radio station, where jokes ran rampant and it’s all upbeat most of the time.


American Legion book signing

Memorial Day was good, however, at the American Legion in Monterey, I only sold one book. But one book was better than none. The commander said they sometimes get ten folks out for the annual barbecue, and sometimes as many as sixty. Yesterday, about the usual ten showed up. I was stationed on a tall table with a stool near the door of a very dark bar. People walked in, got used to the light and walkes straight into the bar. Most ignored me or didn’t see me at all.

However, one woman came in looking for ‘the speaker’. I wasn’t there to speak, just sign. She was the buyer for the day.

I did have fun though, listening to the antics of the men sitting up at the bar.  Never being privy to ‘men talk’ it was quite an education.

That afternoon I went to Pacific Grove to visit with my friends Dorothy and Cal. We had a fantastic salmon dinner, then we went to MOnterey for a movie.

I woke up rested from sleeping in their quiet, beautiful guest room, and now I have a mission in King City at the radio station to cut some commercials.

More about that later.

First presentation

The first presentation of my yearlong journey went well. It was held in a private home with a few friends from Soledad.

There were a couple of questions I couldn’t remember how to answer, so I’ll need to get those down on paper for the next time. I’m certain more people will have other questions.

The folks were attentive and said they very much enjoyed hearing about the journey. So that’s good news, for there are more like that one coming up.

One suggestion was to not hop around from one country to the next, so I explained that was the way of the journey. When you chose your travel, you go with the cheapest you can get. Sometimes flying across the continent was cheaper than taking a train or a bus to the nearby country.


traveling again

I’m heading down again from Half Moon Bay to Soledad for a doctor’s appointment. Nothing serious, just to check on the medicine I’m using.

I drive down the coast where it is stunning and then through Santa Cruz, then highway 101 through Salinas and then…finally, Soledad.

On Friday, the trip repeats, for I go to a private home for a power point presentation of my year-long journey.  It will be the first one so far, but I have many others lined up.


cats and dogs

In July and part of August, I’ll be cat and dog sitting in a home just a walk away from the ocean in Half Moon Bay.  The owner of the house, Janet, is now a new friend. She introduced me to her three little dogs, who found me a curious specimen sitting on their couch. And then there were two big, fat cats. One, a black and white cat watched me for awhile, while the other one did her best to ignore me…

They’re all fun to be around and I’m looking forward to being there. Meanwhile, life goes on here inside my son and daughter=in-laws apartment. I haven’t found a place of my own yet, but put my name in for senior housing. There are two complexes here. One is begin built right now. That’s the one I hope I can get into.

I have some presentations coming up soon; one for the Gonzales American Legion, and one for the Monterey American Legion. The first place, I’ll talk a bit about the book, and then sign those that folks purchase. In Monterey, I’ll just be at a table signing.

Then I have a date for a ‘home presentation’ in Soledad for the journey power point. Dates not determined yet will be at Gonzales, Soledad and Half Moon Bay Rotary Clubs.

In June, I’m heading down to San Diego for an art class taught by Kira Corser, a well known California artist. It’s a class for painting photos. On the way there, I’ll stop in North Hollywood to see my friend, Sumi Haru and then on to Kira’s home in Fallbrook.


From Half Moon Bay to Salinas

It’s a long drive, but seeing the coast most of the way makes it worth it. I have to do it again tomorrow.

I had two missions today. One, to go to the Salinas Ford dealership to get the Sirius Radio up and running and the blue tooth phone set up again inside the car.

The second task would be to have the dentist check out the swollen gums for which I’ve been taking antibiotics, and what has made my face and neck itch like crazy. Guess I became allergic.

Anyway, it all went crazy; the folks at the dealership said they’d pick me up at the mall, someone drove me to, after four hours when I would call them to tell the driver where I’d be waiting. None answered my two calls and it was getting time to head over to the dentist. I took a taxi. Expensive business here in the U.S. When I arrived the dentist had forgotten I had an appointment, but no problem he looked at my progress, told me to stop taking the antibiotics and then I had to call the dealership again. Some joker kept insisting I called a ‘gigalo service’ and they couldn’t give me a ride. I insisted I had called the dealership, and I know I did, because I called the number I had previously called, and the number was correct.  He should be fired.

The good dentist had his assistant take me back to the dealership. While there I got the word they couldn’t get the Sirius car radio working again. Well, Sirius told me it was the dealerships’ fault, and now the dealership said it’s the Sirius company’s fault.



I have a part time job

Judith opened the door and was relieved to see me. It was the first day on the job yesterday and I could see the need for me to be there immediately. She is overwhelmed with paper-work, shopping needs, and visits to her husband who lives in a rest home, a 45 minute drive away.

She is not well but is doing her best to make a life without her husband, and a dwindling financial resource. Her home is a lovely house near the ocean and she wants to stay in it, inspite of the huge mortgage and the cost of her husband’s living situation.

I helped her a bit, drove her to the store for a list of grocery items, the cleaners, the bank and then to the rest home; all with her cute little dog in tow.

I’ll go back again today for a few hours and hope I can again be of some help.

She told me yesterday that she thought about getting therapy, but decided to put the money to use by hiring me. I hope I can be of some help to her.

Visit the villages right here in the U.S.

I met with some good friends in Santa Cruz and then drove up to Half Moon Bay where I’ll be ‘surfing the couch’ again at my sons apartment. I have been at another sons’ place in Santa Cruz.

On the way up highway 1, which, to me is the only way to get to Half Moon Bay because it’s the prettiest. I drove off the beaten path on Hwy 1 and headed to Pescadero only 2 miles off track.

It’s a little quaint village that has a great restaurant, a deli and other amenities.  I saw some activity down the road and couldn’t let that go by without finding out what was going on.

Nosey, I know, but I stopped the car and asked a lady what was happening. “It’s the 113th celebration of the Portuguese community in Pescadero.There will be a parade on Sunday.” I heard an auctioneer shouting. The lady told me he was auctioning off many donated items.

It was a charming event in just one of millions of local villages in the U.S. celebrating one thing or another. I’d encourage all of us to attend these small town events so we can remember what the United States is about; small towns, farms, small business, wholesome entertainment and neighborliness.



Where have I been?

The question, “where have I been?”, for those regular readers, can be answered simply: away from wifi access for my computer.

I’ m staying with my youngest son in Santa Cruz, a town he describes as full of “rich hippies”. Well, it’s a memory for me, as this is where I raised my sons. It was actually in Aptos, and it was a struggle for me to keep food on the table and the rent paid.

But Santa Cruz still holds my heart, even though it has drastically changed over the thirty years.

Ronnie took me to see the homeless garden before showing me the new artwork on the Louden Nelson center. More about Louden Nelson after I describe the awesome garden project.

The Homeless Garden Project is run by volunteers on land that has been generously donated by brothers: one, an architect and another, a builder.

The garden is huge; full of vegetables, a space for strawberries, herbs and a peace garden where you can walk through.

Oh, and lots of flowers as well. A watchman and welcome person told me that the beautiful black cat who loves people is the actual owner of the project. I believe it.

There were three ducks in a cage vying to get the heck out of it, and squaking their plea. The man said they are usually out of the pen during the day, but at night they have to be caged because of the hungry coyotes, owls, mountain lions and who knows what else lurks at night.

The project is a beautiful example on how humans can be good to other humans. The homeless have an opportunity to learn all about gardening, and are given a certificate in organic gardening for use to get a job.


Louden Nelson was a slave who lived in South Carolina and came to the California gold rush with his owner.  Nelson eventually farmed on a space that he saved up to purchase. Illiterate, he loved to watch the white children going off to school, and honored education. Before he died, he bequethed his land to be used for a school.

The Louden Nelson center is now used for the arts, dance, theater, and classes of all kinds. Nelson would be happy to see how well his space is used for the betterment of all people.